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Do you want to show a beautiful effect on-page? So you are the right place. This module useful to make your webpage beautiful with different Team snippets. you can use this snippet without any technical skill. you can easily add links to change images. if you want to see how it will work then please check out this video.


2 New Snippet Styles. New

Easy to add/edit content.

Fully responsive layout.

Easy to use.

30 Unique Styles.

Content optimized.

Fully Customizable text, image, colors, bg colors, change bg colors in different blocks, check video for more informations.

Animation style

- Bounce, Bounce In Down, Bounce In Left, Bounce In Right, Bounce In Up, Bounce Out, Bounce Out Down, Bounce Out Left, Bounce Out Right, Bounce Out Up, Fade In, Fade In Down, Fade In Down Big, Fade In Left, Fade In Left Big, Fade In Right, Fade In Right Big, Fade In Up, Fade In Up Big, Fade Out, Fade Out Down, Fade Out Down Big, Fade Out Left, Fade Out Left Big, Fade Out Right, Fade Out Right Big, Fade Out Up, Fade Out Up Big, Flip, Flip In X, Flip In Y, Flip Out X, Flip Out Y, Light Speed In, Light Speed Out, Rotate In, Rotate In Down Left, Rotate In Down Right, Rotate In Up Left, Rotate In Up Right, Rotate Out, Rotate Out Down Left, Rotate Out Down Right, Rotate Out Up Left, Rotate Out Up Right, Slide In Up, Slide In Down, Slide In Left, Slide In Right, Slide Out Up, Slide Out Down, Slide Out Left, Slide Out Right, Zoom In, Zoom In Down, Zoom In Left, Zoom In Right, Zoom In Up, Hinge, Jack In The Box, Roll In, Roll Out.


v13.0.3 (29th December 2021)
  • New 2 New & Unique Snippets Added.
v13.0.2 (09th November 2019)
  • 60+ Animation Added.
v13.0.1 (25th October 2019)
  • Initial Release.

Team Snippet 1

Team Snippet 2

Team Snippet 3

Team Snippet 4

Team Snippet 5

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Team Snippet 10

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Team Snippet 21

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