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Sales Credit Limit

A credit limit is the maximum amount of credit offered to a customer. You can set a credit limit for every customer using this module. For example, a manager grants a credit limit of $5,000 to a customer. The credit limit is used to limit the amount of loss that order will on hold if a customer does not pay. you can also notify the customer by email when a customer crosses his credit limit. And that order status will automatically set 'On hold'. This module also provides a different way to notify the customer by email.


Goto user ==> sale manager and tick right on 'Approval On Hold Sale Order'

Goto user ==> sale user and leave blank 'Approval On Hold Sale Order'

Easy to set each customer credit limit.

There is an option to send notification via email when the credit limit is cross.

    Notify by E-mail.
  • To All Approval: When you tick this option then all persons (user/manager) give you approval who have access for approving.
  • By Team: After ticking this option only the sales team person can give you approval.
  • Specific User: In this option, you have to define a specific person for sales order approval.

No special configuration required, install it, use it.

This module saves your important time.

It reduces human efforts.


v9.0.1 (4th November 2019)
  • Initial Release

Sales Manager has given group rights for "Approval On Hold Sale Orders" and can Confirm sales orders that are in the "On Hold" stage.

Sales User not given group rights for "Approval On Hold Sale Orders".

Inside Sales Configurations set Email settings for whenever any sales order set to "On Hold" state, who should be notified. If "No Alerts" selected no one will be notified on any sales order set on hold state.

To Customer if "Set Customer Credit Limit" to True then will ask for "Customer Credit Limit" enter amount up to max you want to allow customer to create order on limit exceeds. You can set "Set Customer On Hold" to True if required, so whenever that customer is selected it will be notified.

If Customer set as "On Hold" than when the user creates a new Quotation/Order and selects that customer will be notified for it.

So Now after choosing that customer on hold state and create a new quotation. When the user clicks on "Confirm Sale" then a new pop up window opens, which shows all details of the customer. user can change it on hold state from here. If User clicks on the "Confirm" button then that sale order will be "Confirmed" though the credit limit for that customer exceeds. Users can set that sale order to the "On Hold" state by clicking the "On Hold" button.

Sales order set to "On Hold", as per settings email alert will be sent. If from setting "To All Approval" selected than all user having "Approval On Hold Sale Orders" group will be individually notified, if "By Team (Sales Channels)" option is selected on that sales order if any sales channel is selected then all team member of that channel having "Approval On Hold Sale Orders" group will be notified for that sales order.

Sales quotations that are "On Hold" state is available in new Menu "Sales Order On Hold".

Inside Quotation/Order there is "Confirm" button that is visible to all e.g. Sales Manager or any other having group "Approval On Hold Sale Orders".

Now if an authorized person clicks on "Confirm" that sale quotation is confirmed.

Inside sales setting if "Specific User" is selected then it will ask to choose one user for email alert notification. Then only that user will be notified when he having the "Approval On Hold Sale Orders" group or not.

Email alert sent to the user as per settings selections.

Also from the Sales Quotation/Order, one can filter orders that are "On Hold" state.

Email alert sent to the user as per settings selections.

Can Filter customers that is "Customer On Hold" state.

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