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Petrol Station Management System


The Petrol Station Management System is a comprehensive solution designed to streamline the operations of a petrol station. It encompasses various functionalities including monitoring fuel levels, tracking sales and inventory, facilitating customer transactions, scheduling staff, and managing cash and bank transactions. Additionally, it provides tools to effectively handle day-to-day fuel price adjustments, ensuring smooth operations and optimal efficiency.


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Pump and Nozzle Management
Credit, Cash and Bank Transaction Management
Staff Shifts Management
Daily Fuel & Cash Collection Management
Fuel Prices Management
Fuel Reading Meter Management


  • Easily track daily sales.
  • Easy to manage bank and cash transactions.
  • You can update fuel prices as needed.
  • You can assign individual pump and nozzle to the staff.
  • You can manage meter readings through both manual and electronic methods.
  • You can manage meter readings of individual pumps by specific staff members.
  • You can manage employee shifts and shift-wise sales.
  • You can handle daily fuel collection.
  • You can manage warehouse wise average costing for fuel.
  • You can create shift and attendee-wise sales orders for walk-in customers for cash submitted by attendees.
  • Generate shift and attendee-wise sales orders for credit sales, bank payments, dry sales, and other collections.
  • Manage dry sales, other collections, discounts, and pump-related expenses by employees.
  • You can manage daily cash collection.

Go to users setting select user and set petrol station manager.

Create a child and parent company.

Create a fuel product with a fuel category.

Create a tank as a location with its product in a child company.

Go to the petrol station configuration menu ==> Tank menu, you can see a tank list view.

Go to the pump menu and create a pump related to the tank.

Go to the nozzle menu and create a nozzle related to the pump ==> tank ==> product.

Go to the shift menu and create a day and night shift.

Go to petrol station settings and set the journals.

Set the daily pricelist for the fuel from the sale pricelist menu.

You can see the price list in the petrol station price list menu.

Create an employee and set up a related partner for the child company.

Create bulk purchase orders in the parent company.

Create a new roaster select date, shift, and attendee and assign a nozzle to the attendee.
Click on the opening roaster.

In the opening stage create an ITC to maintain purchase during the shift.

ITC will generate two transfers one in the parent company and another in the child company.
Validate the transfer from the parent company.

Set the tank location to transfer the fuel and validate the transfer from the child company.

Add the opening reading of a pump from an electronic device and manual in the opening stage.

Add the opening reading of a tank and click on the open roaster button.

Roaster will redirect in the open stage and in the tank tab you can see the received purchase which is created by ITC.

In the attendee, summary add the cash amount given by the attendee and click on the closing roaster.

In the closing stage add pump readings and consumed fuel in roaster lines at the end of the shift.

Add closing readings of a tank in the tank reading tab.

Create a sale order for attendee excess amount. In the sale order select shift and attendee.

Create an invoice and register payment. In the register payment select the journal in which mode received payment.

You can see the amount in the roaster attendee tab added to the sale order payment.

In the attendee summary click on the submit button to submit the cash and other transactions.

By clicking on the submit button create sale order button is visible. Click on the Create Sale Order button to create a sale order of cash given by the attendee.
Click on the Close roaster button.

Created sale order from cash given by attendee with the name of walking customer.

Create a new roaster for the next shift and assign the same nozzle to another attendee.
Closing readings of the previous shift will be an opening reading for the next shift.

Daily collected cash needs to be sent to parent company at the end of the day.

You can see transferred cash and bank in the journal entries.

Version 15.0.1 | Released on : 13th June 2024

Initial  Initial Release.
  • No, this app works perfectly with Odoo Enterprise ( & On-Premise) only.
  • No, this application is not compatible with saas/Odoo Online).
  • Yes, you will get free update for lifetime.
  • For version 12 or upper, you will need to purchase the module for each version that you want to use.
  • Yes, we provide free support for 100 days.
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