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Do you want to show all the employee details on the dashboard? So here it is. we have made a materialize dashboard for employees. The dashboard is a powerful way to keep all details in a single bucket. An HR dashboard is a type of graphical user interface that often provides a glance view relevant to a particular objective or business process of HR. HR dashboard displays all information related to human resources in different menus. "HRMS dashboard" is the most advanced HR management system. You can quickly access all information about the employees. Here you can easily manage your employees with various services such as,

=> Leave Details
=> Employee wise Attendance Analysis
=> Employee Contracts
=> Employee Expenses
=> Payslip Counter
=> Employee Greetings Menu (Birthday & Anniversary)
=> Announcement Menu For Manager


HR Dashboard is a key to enhance employee performance.

Quick and easy way to shortlist details

Easy to visualize employee ratio.

Easy to use and well-organized dashboard.

HR Dashboard capabilities are, Leave details, Attendance analysis, Contracts report, Employee expenses, Payslip counter, Greetings Menu (Birthday & Anniversary), Announcement menu & many more.

HRMS Dashboard used to track and analyze the process of employees.

No special configuration required just install it and cheers!

This module saves your important time.

It reduces human efforts.


v12.0.1 (24th July 2020)
  • Initial Release

"HR Dashboard" looks like below, you can see leave and attendance details, contracts report, employee expenses, payslip, birthday, anniversary, announcement menu.

When you press the "Payslip" button it opens the payslips list view.

When you press the "Leaves" button it opens the leaves list view.

When you press the "Attendance" button it opens the attendance list view.

When you press the "Contract" button it opens the contract list view.

When you press the "Expense" button it opens the expense list view.

You get all the detail related employee birthday, anniversary & announcement from here.

It opens the announcements list view when you click there.

The announcements form view look like this, here the HR manager or officer can manage sequence of that or can remove announcement.

"Payslip" and "Expense" in the dashboard with details.

"Attendance" and "Leave" in the dashboard with details.

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