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Global Discount - Invoice/Bill/Credit Note/Debit Note


This module allows businesses to apply discounts on invoices globally or customize them for specific invoice lines (like invoices, bills, credit notes, or debit notes). These discounts can either be a percentage of the total amount or a fixed value, and they can be applied with or without considering taxes. This powerful feature gives businesses flexibility in adjusting their pricing strategies for different products or services, which can help improve their financial management.


  • You can easily set a discount that applies across the entire invoice, bill, credit note, or debit note.
  • You can customize discounts for individual lines within the invoice, bill, credit note, or debit note.
  • You can choose between applying discounts as either fixed amounts or percentages.
  • You can apply global discounts with or without taxes.
  • You have the option to set the account for journal entries.

Go to the user settings and enable 'Global Discount' & 'Invoice Line Discount' access rights.

After giving the access rights you will see the 'Is Global Discount' option and discount added in the invoice lines within the invoice form view.

You can select the type of discount(Fixed or percentage) as per your requirement.

Go to the invoice configuration set a global discount account and also select the tax option as either 'Tax Included' or 'Tax Excluded'.
Note: For a global discount, it is necessary to create a global discount account for journal entries.

If you want to apply a discount globally, tick the 'Is Global Discount' option.
After enabling this option, both the discount method and global discount will become visible.

You can see the journal entry for the global discount in the 'Journal Items' tab.

When you give a global discount without setting a global discount account, it will give a user error message: 'Please Set a global Discount Account!'.

Version 15.0.1 | Released on : 14th March 2024

Initial  Initial Release.
  • Yes, this app works perfectly with Odoo Enterprise ( & Premise) as well as Community.
  • No, this application is not compatible with saas).
  • Yes, we provide free support for 100 days.
  • Yes, you will get free update for lifetime.
  • For version 12 or upper, you will need to purchase the module for each version that you want to use.
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