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This module is useful for the basic examination system. You can easily create questions and define marks(correct answer marks, wrong answer marks & skipped answer marks) for the questions. The examinee can log in and perform an exam from the separate exam page (survey page). You can also create image type questions. Easily define notes for the questions which will be displayed after submitting the exam as a hint.

Hot Features

Hide/Show Review Link.
Survey Start & End Datetime.
Participate Result Report.
Send Participate Result By Email.
Send Survey By Whatsapp.
Import Question From XLS.
Prepare questions.
Question notes.
Image questions.
Dynamic marks.
Dynamic results.
Review question-answer.
Separate exam page.
Student feedback.

Appreciation list view, appreciation manage from here.

The appreciation form view looks like this.

The exam form view, you can create sections and questions here.

The sections and questions popup, In the question type, multiple choice: only one answer supported.

You can set image type question or write question description in the description tab.

In the "Note" tab you can set a hint of that question that will be displayed after submitting the exam.

In the exam form view, you can write the exam description in the description tab.

In the exam form view, you can choose the page layout and question criteria in the options tab.

Examination page on the website.

Click "Start Survey" to start the examination.

The examinee has to finish the exam with the time limit that displays on the timer, after that press the"Submit" button.

The examinee can review question-answers from the review.

The review page looks like this, The examinee can give feedback from the survey page.

After sent the feedback it shows the success message.

The answer can view from the "Answers" smart button.

The examinee answer at the backend with the feedback.

You can fix the timer position by enabling "Fixed Timer Position".

Timer with a fixed position on the survey page.

You can hide/show the review answer link from enabling this.

The review question-answers link is hidden from the review page.

You can show survey start & end datetime on the survey page.

It shows survey start & end datetime on the survey page like this.

You can print the participant result report.

The participant result report looks like this.

You can print participant results from the tree view.

The participant's result report looks like this.

You can send participant results from the email.

After pressing the "Send By Email" button you can send the participant result by email.

The participant result sent by email.

You can send a survey by WhatsApp.

After pressing the "Send By WhatsApp" button, this wizard opens, selects the recipients and enters details, and then sends the survey by WhatsApp.

The survey sent by WhatsApp.

You can import questions from the Excel/XLS/XLSX file using the "Import Question" button.

Select the file and then press the "Apply" button, you can download the file using the "Download" button.

Success message looks like this.

Questions imported.

Version 17.0.1 | Released on : 6th December 2023

Initial Initial Release.
  • No, this application is not compatible with saas).
  • Yes, this app works perfectly with Odoo Enterprise ( & Premise) as well as Community.
  • Yes, we provide free support for 100 days.
  • Yes, you will get free update for lifetime.
  • Yes, You have to download module for each version (13,14,15) except in version 12 or lower.
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