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Note: If You want to download "Dynamic Global Export" modules then click below buttons. Dynamic Global Export Base bone for all "Dynamic Global Export" modules.

Dynamic Global Export Base

Do you want to export a report based on your own structure(requirements)? Do you want to make an export for any model(object) of odoo? Do you want to select your own fields for export output? Do you want to export your own custom template? So here you are! We have made a fantastic tool to export data with your own data format and without any technical skill, You just need to select models and fields and that's it. You can export any type of model(object) and related fields of the model using "Dynamic Action". You can also export some special odoo fields like one2many, many2many, many2one very easily. Cheers!


Export any model(object) and fields dynamically.

Create dynamic export action to print records from the tree view and form view of any model (object).

You can easily export one2many fields, you can select specific fields of that one2many object forex. sale order line fields like the product, qty, price, etc.

You can easily export many2one fields, you can select related fields of that many2one object forex. partner fields like city, street, mobile, etc.

You can also export many2many fields easily.

You can also export other fields like boolean, char, date, date time, float, integer, many2many, many2one, monetary, one2many, selection, text.

Easy to install and use it, no more configuration required.

This module saves your important time.

It reduces human efforts.


v12.0.2 (30th March 2022)
  • Fixed Minor Bug Fixed
v12.0.1 (14th February 2020)
  • Initial Release

Go to "Dynamic Action".

You can see "Action List" in dynamic action.

Press the "Add Action" button in the appropriate model, here you can select the appropriate model and you can write the name for the download file. "Add a line" used for add fields which you want in export, No 1 and No 2 button use you can see in below screenshots.

Here the user can make the structure in one to many field types using that button, here the No 1 button used for that and Select appropriate lines for one to many and field.

Users can make the structure in many to one field types using that button, here the No 2 button used for that and Select appropriate lines for many to one and field.

Go to action and select purchase details for the export file.

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