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Welcome to the Gretest

Corpomate Theme

Hey! Are you looking for Attractive, Customizable, Futuristic, Responsive, Clean theme for your corporate website in odoo? Here it is! In this theme you will get 8 different pre-designed theme style or it will customise as required. This theme builds with designs and various features like Mega menu, cookie notice, news bar, Snippet builder, Website Comming Soon as well as is a Modern & custom odoo theme.

Theme Demo

Digital Maketing
Crypto Currency
Cyber Security

10+ Free Modules

Cookie Notice
HTML Snippet
News Snippet
Snippet Builder
Website Popup
Website Portfolio
Website Preloader
Website Quote
Website Maintanance
Website Comming Soon
Advance Snippet Tools
Whats-App Chat

Hot Features

Key Features

Website Store Locator

In this feature, You can quickly identify stores with tags and access detailed information using the info button. The location button helps you find stores easily, and You can search stores by their respective city, state, and country.

Data Tilt

In this theme, we have added amazing feature called "Data Tilt". Where you can create simple tilt effects on hover without no more loading. Thats gives 3D effect on your data.

News Snippet

You can post latest news/informaton/offers. you will get diffrent styles to show news. you can easily drag and drop anywhere on any page of your website and customise it.


A Portfolio website can cover a lot of bases.gnerallyspeaking,professionals, agencies,freelancers and artists requires a Creative mediuam to display thier work. in this theme we will give this amazing feature to create your portfolio Dynamically.

Mega Menu

You will Get 8 different well crafted, fully dynamic mega menu. You Can also customize mega menu as per requirement.

Theme Installation

In this we provide this beautiful feature. You can install theme on click. also There is 8 diffrent pre-designed themes and you can customize them.

Cookie Notice

Cookie Notice allows you to elegantly inform users that your site uses cookies and to comply with the EU cookie Law regulations.

WhatsApp Chat

In this theme you will get an amazing and latest feature, That is WhatsApp live chat. Your customer or visitour can make chat with you on whatsapp Messenger. it provides a faster messages,compares to email.

Bottom Navigation

Bottom navigation Make every mobile user's journey more smooth,flexible,and desirable. this includes enhancing the design,interface,navigation,content managment and presentation,and much More.

Toggle Zoom

In this theme, we have added "Toggle Zoom" feature. Zoom imporves visibility of Website. on the top of the screen, you will see "Toggle Zoom" button. click on that button to zoom in/out for website.

Quick Setup

This is in amazing feature. You Can customize the theme with your brand color as well as you can use all snippets across the theme.

Testimonial Snippets

A Testimonial means that comments by third party on how good someone or somethings are. Using this you can convience intrested users that you're worth thier trust.

Contact Us Popup

This module is the quickest and easy way to display popup contact from in your website. Attract visitor by highlighted button. We can add the image button link or text link all the pages that popup contact form.

Dynamic FAQ Snippet

you can make Frequently Asked Question[FAQ] list with accordian.See Video tutorial for more information.

Dynamic Blog Snippet

you can make a blog dynamically with help of 'Corpomate Dynamic Blog'. where you can make slider.Menu,or tab to set blog content. See Video tutorial for more information.

Progresive Web App (PWA)

Your Website user can visit website through application. PWA help to create a application with icon on desktop as well as in smart phone.

Comming Soon Page

If you want to create a hype for something new event of new branch of your corporate. So you can do that things using 'Comming Soon'. Easy to set back image or set some text about coming event or etc.

Custom Button

Here in this theme,you have Various different Button styles, here you independent touse buttons across the theme and enhanced your website looks.

Advance Snippet Tools

In this theme, you will get an extra tool utility to decorate your Snippets like border color,size,radius,styles,box-shadow,box hover shadow,and dozens of animations type. Easy to manipulate snippets using diffrent tools.

RTL (Right to Left) Language Support

In this theme you have an amazing feature is RTL (Right to Left) Language suport. it is important because when you host website on world wide,your number on goal should be to build a site that pleases all type of audiences. this means your website will support all various cultures and Language used by different countries around the world.

List of Features

Website store locator added.
Easy to make a website.
You can easily identify the store by their tags.
You can esily check the stores location using location button.
You can esily check the stores details using info button.
You can esily check the stores location using location button.
Easy to search the store based on their respective cities, state, country.
Data tilt effect.
6 different pre-designed themes.
Well crafted mega menu designs.
Add "Bottom Navigation" for mobile.
Easy to enable or disable ellipsis for long text.
New Feature RTL (Right to Left) Language Support Added.
Fully customize themes.
HTML5, CSS3 & Jquery powered.
Progressive Web App(PWA) included.
Fully dynamic testimonial.
Awesome Unique Look, Clean & Simple Design.
100% Fluid Responsive - Fits any device perfectly.
Fully customize corpomate blog with 9 unique designs.
Unique and dynamic testimonial with 6 different styles.
Easy to use a pre-designed theme or customize as per your site.
There are different styles for the title bar.
Easy to create a blog dynamically for the website.
Easy to make cookie notice.
Easy to display your latest news/event notice using News Snippet.
Easy to display maintenance notice using Website maintenance.
Easy to make hype about your coming event or website with date and time using the Website coming soon.
Easy to display services using Our Service snippet. There are different styles of service snippets.
Website preloading for loading website.
Easy to create the custom snippet using an HTML snippet.
There is also another way to create a Dynamic snippet builder.
Easy to make a testimonial list dynamically with the image using Dynamic testimonial list.
Easy to display your partner list dynamically.
Easy to use - no coding knowledge required.
Easy to display your offer with the start and ending time with an image using offer snippet.
Mobile friendly.
Easy to display key points about your company or organization
5 Top Bars style.
8 Headers style.
8 Footers style.
6 Copyright style
50+ Snippet
Easy to chat with website owner through whatsapp messanger.
Easy to manipulate snippets using advance snippet tools.
Easy to add animation with dozens of styles.


Here how to customize the backend theme using all the provided tools with details.

Select the store locator style that best suits your requirements.

Tree view of the store tags.

The stores were displayed in a tree view format where you can observe the applied tags.

Form view of the stores. Fill in the necessary details. To activate it, enable the 'active' option. Select the tags that are suitable for your specific requirements.

Add the address.

Open the website and go to the store locators. Kanban view. If you want to check the details then simply click on the 'Info' button.

Store details pop-up looks like this.

Tree view on the store locators.

You have to search the store by its name.

You have the option to search the store based on their respective cities.

You have the option to search the store based on their respective states.

You have the option to search the store based on their respective country.

You also have the option to search the store based on their nearest location.

Map view.

Select user for Firebase Push Notification in users setting.

Goto general setting and enable 'Web Push Notification. Fill the credentials.

Now goto 'Web Push Notification' and create notification. Here you can define a notification users wise like internal, public, All, etc.. After that click 'Validate'.

Make sure your all users have to allow 'Show Notification' in related browsers. Otherwise notification not appear.

After allow 'Show Notification' you can see those users in 'Registerd Users'.

Now click 'Send Notification'.

Firebase Push Notification will look like below.

In this theme, you will get an extra tool utility to decorate your snippets like box-shadow, Box hover shadow, margins, paddings and dozens of animations type. Easy to manipulate snippets using different tools.

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In this theme you will get an amazing and latest feature, That is WhatsApp chat. Your customer or visitor user can make chat with you on WhatsApp messenger. It provides a faster message, compares to email.

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A portfolio website can cover a lot of bases. Generally speaking, professionals, agencies, freelancers and artists require a creative medium to display their work. In this theme we will give this amazing feature to create your portfolio dynamically.

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You could use one of these to get customers taking here is a creative, modern, and vibrant 'comming soon' template, and you can also customize the template like text, background image,etc.

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Easy to set a floating button to contact us on the website. just go website config setting and set 'Website Quote'.

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Using this snippet you can display a declaration certifying of your services by customers. something has given or done as an expression of esteem, admiration, or gratitude.

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You have some technical knowledge about web designing so you can build some design for your website. It will provide a platform where you can make the design like slider, image grid, list views, etc.

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This Under Construction or Maintenance Mode Module is a simple and easy to configure Coming Soon/Maintenance Mode Maintenance module used fully to restrict end-users to access the website. Logged users can only access the website.

This feature useful to show simple popups, advertisement banner, New Product Information, Alert Message, Warning, Notifications, Work portfolio, Disclaimer Content, Any information on the website.

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Add preloader to your website easily, responsive and retina, full customization, compatible with all major browsers.

Do you want to update your website users with the latest news/updates/information/offers? This module will help you to show the latest news/updates/information/offers on the website. You will get different styles to show news. you can easily drag and drop anywhere on any page of your website.

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Onemate Theme Style looks like below.

Onemate Theme Style looks like below.

  • Yes, this theme works perfectly with Odoo Enterprise as well as Community.
  • Yes, you can install this theme with single click.
  • Yes, There is 6 different pre-designed well crafted themes.
  • Yes, This theme is compatible with Odoo's Multi Website Feature.
  • Yes, There are several modules with this theme.
  • Yes, we provide free support for 90 days.

Version 16.0.8 | Released on : 7thMARCH 2024

  • New Digital Marketing(One Page) Theme Style Added.

Version 16.0.7 | Released on : 5thFebruary 2024

  • New Onemate Theme Style Added.

Version 16.0.6 | Released on : 16thJune 2023

  • New Website Store Locator.

Version 16.0.5 | Released on : 29thMarch 2023

  • New Data Tilt Functionality.

Version 16.0.4 | Released on : 27thFebruary 2023

  • New Replace SVG Icon Quickly.

Version 16.0.3 | Released on : 9thJanuary 2023

  • Fixed Minor Bug Fixed.

Version 16.0.2 | Released on : 3rdJanuary 2023

  • Fixed Minor Bug Fixed.

Version 16.0.1 | Released on : 22th December 2022

  • Initial Release
Corpomate Theme - Multipurpose Corporate Theme | Corpomate Theme - Multipurpose Corporate Themes v15

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